The Benefits of Using an ultrasonic antifouling Kit for Boats

An ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats is a result of the newest technology which enables a quick and easy removal of fouling from the hull of the boat. The usage of an ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats will drastically improve your experience with antifouling, lowering the time and expenses you spend on it. Below are the three most important benefits of ultrasonic antifouling.

Better Manoeuvrability of the Boat

Without the fouling, the boat will move more elegantly through the water, it will be easier to turn and the overall performance will be better. As ultrasonic antifouling prevents the fouling from forming right from the start, you will be able to keep the desired manoeuvrability all throughout.

Saving fuel

Fuel is an important expense when it comes to boats. Ultrasonic antifouling can drastically lower your gas bill by removing the extra weight of your boat. A hull full of barnacles puts much more pressure on the engine, which can be seen by the extra trips to the pumping station. If you want additional savings, you can get a fuel scanner. A fuel scanner will measure the usage of your gas, so you will be aware of the most expensive speeds. An ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats combined with a fuel scanner can thus guarantee the lowest fuel costs possible.

Reduce Antifouling Maintenance

While ultrasonic antifouling does not necessarily mean you will get rid of antifouling paints, it can mean you will need to use them less. This means that you will no longer need to apply the paint every season, but you will be able to wait a few years before the fouling is too bad. Ultrasonic antifouling is thus a great idea for anyone that does not have time to continuously deal with the removal of the algae and barnacles of the boat.